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A Nocturne from the New HEIRees
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I am a composer in search of oblivion; and I’m always slightly ashamed to admit that I compose. 
                                                                               — Alexander Borodin
portrait of Jean Louis Duport par Descarsin

Composer and chemist Aleksandr Borodin (1833 – 1886) got his very own “Google Doodle for his 185th Birthday in November  2018!  

Despite his best efforts, Aleksandr Borodin failed in his stated goal above; in addition to his pioneering work as a chemist, Borodin is remembered today for writing some of the catchiest melodies ever to emanate from the The Mighty Handful” of late-19th-century Russian composers. 

At our first Heifetz Ensemble in Residence concert of 2022, our new HEIRees  – violinists Liana Branscome & Strauss Shi, violist Steven Baloue and cellist Ben Fried – offered up one of Borodin’s best: the gorgeous second-movement Notturno from Alexander Borodin’s String Quartet No. 2.  In performance at the South Market Stage at Grace Christian School in downtown Staunton.  Enjoy!