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Scholarship Teams

Lead or join a team of friends and family – in person or online – who pool resources to personally sponsor a student and provide the opportunity to attend the Institute!

Your Support in Action

As part of a Heifetz 2021 Scholarship Team, you and your fellow members will help to fulfill our mission of training exceptional young musicians to become well-rounded communicative artists. Aside from your financial support, your involvement will strengthen the social bonds of our community by providing a forum for individuals to come together through their shared love and support of the arts. You will contribute to expanding diversity in the Shenandoah Valley by supporting the Institute and its global outreach, which attracts students and faculty from across the globe. And with the Institute’s operations and programming partly conducted online for 2021, team members may join from anywhere in the world.

We always treasure your support, but in this moment in particular your generosity will help us face the task ahead with all our energy. Though the challenges presented by the global pandemic cannot be understated, with your help we are determined to continue the Institute’s vital role in shaping the lives and future careers of young musicians who have the power to Communicate – Engage – Inspire even in these trying times.

Our Goal

To field 8 teams each raising a minimum of a half-scholarship ($3,000) and up to a full-scholarship ($6,000).

heifetz institute musicians perform for a private audience

As a Scholarship Team member, you will:

  • Receive an introductory email about your Sponsor Student in ano later than May 24, 2021, complete with bio, photos, and links to performance/audition videos.
  • Receive regular electronic updates directly from your student, including email messages, video updates, and audio recordings.
  • Sponsor Saturday – July 24: your team members will attend a special master class featuring scholarship students with members of the Borromeo String Quartet, our Ensemble-in-Residence founded and led by  Artistic Director Nicholas Kitchen. You will have the opportunity to have a rare behind-the-scenes look at some of the teaching that happens here at Heifetz in the summertime, and to see your sponsored scholarship students in both solo and chamber-music settings.
  • Receive direct links to view all performance videos of your Sponsor Student throughout the summer Institute, and receive unlimited access to all online programming through a Virtual Season Pass.
  • Attend a Potluck House Concert in which your Scholarship Team members and your Sponsor Student will share an evening of music, meals, and merriment.
heifetz institute musicians perform for a private audience
heifetz masterclass in session

Want to help, but don’t know enough people who might give to form a team?

Consider Team Heifetz – a pool of people just like you, who want to participate, but who aren’t sure they can pull together enough people to make a full team on their own. This team will be routed through the Institute, which will either assign you to an existing team that needs you, or pool you together with nine others like you.

If you would like to lead or join a team, or have any further questions, please fill out the contact form below or email the Scholarship Team Coordinator, Andrew Green at: andrew@heifetzinstitute.org.