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2020 Fiscal Year Donors

Oct 1, 2019 - September 30, 2020

With your support, we are dedicated and determined to preserve the Institute’s vital role in shaping the lives and future careers of young musicians who have the the power to Communicate – Engage – Inspire even in these challenging times.

Director’s Circle ($50,000+)

Gary and Pennie Abramson/Abramson Family Foundation/Rona & Jeffrey Abramson Foundation/The Abe and Kathryn Selsky Foundation, Inc./Galena Yorktown Foundation 

Founder’s Circle ($30,000+)

Peter and Ineke Kreeger

Visionary ($20,000+)

National Endowment for the Arts
Bruce Rosenblum & Lori Laitman

Soloist ($10,000+)

Joan C Antonelli
Claire R. and John A. Bellis, Jr.
Mark D. and Lisa D. Biegel
Richard Bolstein and Sharon Adams
James E. Cafritz
Diana and Michael David Epstein Family Foundation, Inc.
Joan Friedman and Robert Braun
Isadore and Berthe Gudelsky Family Foundation, Inc.

Laura Gudelsky-Mulitz
Henry and Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg Foundation
Christopher and Betsy Little
Bill and Lisa Moore
Dorothy Richard Starling Foundation
Ryuji Ueno Foundation
Virginia Commission for the Arts

Fiddler’s Guild ($5,000+)

Nancy and Fuad El-Hibri
Nancy Peery Marriott Foundation
William Marshall and Elsa Ervine

Proteus Foundation
Elmar Oliveira
William and Sandra Sibert

Inspirer ($2,500+)

William & Emily Branscome
James and Sylvia Butt
Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge
Susan Duprey
Margaret D. Henderson
Jonathan Kern & Carol Turrentine
Jane N. and Preston C. Manning, MD

Ann D. McPherson
Robin Miller
Jerry and Susan Moniot
Matilde Ott
Dr. John and Angie Rhee
Annie Totah

Engager ($1,500+)

 Roger H. Brown
Michael and Marilyn Glosserman
Geoffrey and Sophie Menin
Phil & Cheri Moran
Susan and David Wolowitz, Esq.

Communicator ($1,000+)

The Albert Family Charitable Fund
Scott and Peggy Ballin
Lee Beam
Laurie Berman
Brown Advisory
Al and Ellen Butts
Maricia and Ronald Capps
Wilton Connor
Nancy Dahl
Tom Davis

Mary de Vachon
John C. Donnelly
Bob and Tommie Duke
Dorothy Duval Nelson
Fetzer Institute
Nathan and Esther Finkelstein
Elizabeth S. and Richard O. Fitt
Dana M Flanders
Clifford Garstang
Cleveland and Rae Hickman

Diane and John Kowal
Philip Margolius
Alice McLeod
Marcia Robinson
Ronen Foundation of America
Steven Rosenbaum
John Sandeen
Amy and Justin Seto
Ethel M. Smeak
George and Eugenia Taylor
Mary Touchstone

Maestro ($500+)

Mary Jae Abbitt & Peter Sushka
Richard A Allen
William & Patricia Anthony
Robert A Boisture and Mary Margaret Pipkin
The Borten Family Charitable Fund
Roger Bowen
Ruth Chodrow
Ilene Cook
Brooks Lucas Cushman
Carter & Brent Douglass
Chris & Julie Fox
Kathryn Giampietro
Madeleine & Steve Green

Stanley and Lynn Grimm
Margaret and William Haskett
Jim and Pam Huggins
Ralph and Margaret Johanson
Erna Kerst
Dorothy and Joseph Kitchen
Dan Layman & Pamela Fox
James David Lott
Antonio Lysy
David B. & Barbara K. Marblestone
Kristen S Paulsen
Arnold Polinger

Susan M. and Charles K. Polly
Michael and Mary Jim Quillen
Jack Reid
Mary Shaw
Roller and Jerry Lynn Shipplett
Michael Stahl & Ann Pontius
Carol Turrentine
Sanford and Beth Ungar
Maya Varnell
Robert and Mabel Lou Weiss
Hugh and Connie Westfall
Beverly White-Seals
Philip and Lois Zeigler

Advocate ($250+)

Prema Abraham
Dreama Anderson
Anthony Andres and Emily Lewis
Elizabeth Mary Ballin
Anna & Bernard Bangley
Ingrid and Dennis Blanton
Alphonso and Dale Boxley
Holly S Capps
Robert and Carla Copeland
Mark Collins and Gregg Baldwin
James & Karen Barto
Barbara and Robert Cox
Greg Derin & Bonnie Smigel
Anita and Edward Dworkin, Ph. D
Elizabeth Eisner
Donna Evers
Linda Feldmann
Jeanne & Frank Fischer

Sharlene and Donald Fowler
Brian St. John Fox
Mary Morriss (Marney) Gibbs
Susan Glascock
David and Julie Goodrich
William Larry Harrell, MD and Tom Arbaugh
Eric & Judith Herbst
Jeanne Hoffman & Bobby Whitescarver
David and Diana Hopkins
Bill and Carol Jennings
Hans Jensen
Mark Keeler
Patinka Kopec & Jay E. Selman
Nia and Derrick Leak
Dr. Mark D. and Laura L. Mandeles
Elaine McCarrick
Brad and Sandra McNeill
Whit and Jane Morriss
Sara Nair James
Joseph B. Orlick and Robert K. Powell

Stephen and Shelby Owen
Susan and Steven Porter
Steve Ralbovsky
Noemie Raymond-Friset
Pam Robbins and Ray Cubbage
Benjamin K. and Jennifer B. Roe
Kathrine & Brian Rook
Dr. Lawrence and Sandra Rose
Sass Family Fund
Carol and Buffy Shapiro
Eric and June Shipplett
Charity and Robert Showalter
Jan & Louise Sloman
Jan Smith & Robert Biersack
Larry and Aileen Spurgeon
Paul and Martha Vames
William and Denise Weaver
Martha and Yuli Wexler
Sally and Doug Wiggs
James and Paula Zimmerman

Sustainer ($100+)

Betty Adler
Elma Allen
Ivar J. Andersen and Atsuko Horiguchi
Leonard Andrew & Rosalyn J. Harris
Dr. R. Mardre Bell
Emerson Bell
Larry Bergmann
Doug & Susan Besharov
Janet Boody
Joyce Broom
Danny Brown
Karen and Wayne Chamblee
Erica Charis-Molling
Jack Chirieleison
Leif E Christoffersen
Jeanne Kersting Cohen
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Coleman
Rosemary Connelly
Fred and Alice Davino
Dina A. and George A. Davis
Francesca Rose DePasquale
Morris and Nancy Deutsch
Bruce and Olimpia Dorries
Rona Eisner
Scott and Susan Eleff
Mavis Ellis
Dianna Eshman
Don and Kay Fandetti
George W Fleming Jr
Carolyn Ford
John & Berthe Ford

Karen Golden
Jose and Ann Gonzalez
Barbara and Thomas Gottschalk
Dana Gray
Susan B. Green
Charles & Rose Griesser
Constance Harrington
William C Harrop
BJ and Carolyn Harvick
Willis D Hawley
Daniel & Janne Heifetz
Jane and William Heintzelman
Kathleen and John Hetherington
Mary Hills Powell
Diana Hopkins
Margaret Hu and Stevens Miskinis
Carlessia Amanda Hussein
Otis & Suzanne Huston
Seymour and Patricia Itzkoff
Lucy Ivey
James David Jacobs
Florence Jowers & Paul Weber
Jerome and Deena Kaplan
Joanne M. Kemp
Vivian Kiang
Jennifer Kirkland
James and Joan Kivlighan
Michael Klotz
Samuel Klotz
Diane and Larry Korte
Michael & Shelley Kossak

Sheng-Yuan Kuan
Susan Landers
Irwin L. and Grace H. Lebow
Randall and Pat Lewis
Aaron and Anne Lin
Judie and Harry Linowes
Rosalie Mandelbaum and Perry Cohen
Dave and Jan Mangun
Robert S. and Augusta C. Markley
Elizabeth McCrae
Kerry and Julie McIntyre
Deborah T. and David R. Metz
Dr. David & Arianne Monroe
Susan Myers
Beverly and Mark Nadel
Janet Nelson
Richard Pancake
Heather Penny
Peter and Evelyn Philipps
Stephen and Julie Plumbley
Mary C. Rainey
Peter H Reuter
Buthaina Shukri and Jeffrey Boutwell
Tim Rash and Miriam Stone
Paul and Susan Rosen
Jeff and Alison Rosenberg
Elisabet Rutstrom
Lucille Salatin
Robert and Arlene Sheff
Joel & Renee Sherman

John and Carolyn Silk
Charlotte A. Shnaider
David and Barbara Shue
Sid Siegel
Patricia and Earl Silbert
Paul A. Skrabut
David C. Speedie
Lilian and Dr Neil Starr
Steel Encounters, INC
David Stern
Sidney and Eleanor Supple
Miriam Tavens
Barry and Judith Thompson
Elsie Thompson
Thursday Morning Music Club
Bonnie Thomson and Eugene Tillman
Tetyana Torzhevska
Janice Fox Valder and Bernard Joseph Offerman
Wilson & Elizabeth Vellines
Janet & Henry Waxman
Katherine Welsh
Paul and Margaret Werling
Jennifer Werner
Susan and Dr. J. Randall Wheaton
Louise Whipple
James C Wilder & Suzanne S. Medgyesi-Mitschang
Jerry and Marcella Withrow
Susan Young

Supporter ($1-99)

Adam Abeshouse
Ana Cristina Abrantes Sicilia
Helene Baker
Kenneth and Jacquelyn Beals
Sharon Berry
Philip and Roberta Brown
Cass Cannon
Angela Chan
Rick Chittum
D J Christenson
Matthew Cohen
Brandon Collins and Judith Mosedale
Nicholas Cords
Gregory and Jeannie Crist
Sara Cruz
Joan Danziger
David Demas
Tom DuVal
Claudia Encinas
Kathy Frank
Kathy Geisler
Martha Gibbons
Andrew Gonzalez

Alice and Robert Goodman
Jeffrey Graber
Andrew Green
Paula Green
Beilin Han
Jinny Hargrave
Joe and Evelyn Harman
Ani Hovsepian
Fran Hrastar
Marcia J. Jeffries
David Ji
Howard Kator
Lise Keiter
Maureen Kelly
Lee E Kelley
Melinda Kendall
Marguerite Kiely & C.T. Ashby
Donald King
Steve Knoll
Larry Korte
Deborah Leonard Kosits
Janice L. Krupnick
Rachel Lampert

Catherine Larson
Kenneth Latchis
Zhenni Li-Cohen
Gretchen Leah Long
Lucretia and William Marmon, Jr.
Frazier and Susan Meade
Stacy Merenstein
Christian Mollitor
Marilyn L. Moon & J. Douglas Gomery
Charles E. Nahabedian
Andrea Niewenhous
Jessica Osborne
Eleanor Pages
James Peters
Felicia Purdey
Kelly Reed Keeling
Manfred Reinhardt
Julian Rhee
Nancy Z. Rinker
Keith Leo Robinson
Rebecca Roe
Richard Allen Roe
Gary and June Rosenthal

Mervel E Runion
Eric & Jayne Rynar
Linda F. Segal
Cheryl Shapero
Caeli Smith
Katie Smirnova
Patricia M. Snyder
Seohee Son
Scott Southee
Paul J. and Helen K. Steinberg
Josephine Stockwell
Elizabeth B. Sullivan
Joan Swift
Mark Swift
Perry & Cynthia Swope
Louise Temple-Rosebrook
Lonni Trykowski
Ethan Uslan
William H Voige
Mame Warren and Henry Harris
Yi Qun Xu
Jerry Ya
Ezekiel Yu
Oksana Zadorojnaya