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Heifetz Junior Division

For Gifted String Students 9-15 years old

The 2022 Summer Institute will take place from June 24 – August 7, 2022

Our acclaimed HeifetzPEG program for younger students is expanding and transforming into the Junior Division, complementing the Senior Division (formerly the Main Program) to create a seamless and consistent learning environment for students from 9 to 30+. Under the new system, you will find a unified Heifetz application portal with consistent application guidelines. Both programs will similarly have a unified operational structure, enabling artistic and teaching consistency and stronger peer relationships.

The Institute’s 2022 Program is open to outstanding string players who generally range in age from 9 to 30. Younger students are assigned to the Junior Division, and those generally 15 and older to the Senior Division. The program will feature both in-person and virtual options to meet the needs of our exceptional students. No matter the format, you can anticipate an immersive and transformative summer music experience in the hallmark Heifetz style, and its 25-year record of leadership and innovation in high-level musical instruction, Performance & Communication Training, personal coaching and mentoring, and industry-leading multimedia production.