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Adam Hockman

Practice & Performance Training Counselor
Antonio Lysy

About Adam

Adam Hockman is a practice and performance consultant specializing in applying behavioral, learning, and measurement science to music teaching, practice, and performance. He has coached students at major conservatories and presented lectures and workshops at such institutions as the Heifetz International Music Institute, Northwestern University, Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies, and at international and national behavior science conferences.

Outside of the performing arts, Adam oversees the design, development, and implementation of behavior-based learning programs for ABA Technologies, Inc. There, he works with clients on developing learning solutions to improve employee performance outcomes and business results. Formerly, Adam was research associate to Dr. Francis Mechner at the Mechner Foundation in New York City. Alongside Dr. Mechner and his colleagues, Adam assisted in developing educational technologies and implementing behavioral education programming in school settings. He has also worked as an instructional designer and technologist for several clinical, education, and healthcare groups.

Adam served as managing editor for the Standard Celeration Society and continues to coach behavioral scientists in publishing their research and ideas. Adam received his academic training from Utah State University, Florida Institute of Technology, and MGH Institute of Health Professions (PhD candidate).