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A showcase for some of the inventive premieres, custom arrangements, and other one-of-a-kind performances that routinely happen in HeifetzLand! Featuring works by Bach, Haydn, Mozart, and Ralph Vaughan Williams as you’ve never heard them before, and all played on the stages of the Heifetz International Music Institute.

This Episode’s Playlist

J.S. Bach arr. Nicholas Kitchen: Prelude in B Major, fr. Book II of the Well-Tempered Clavier, BWV 892
Borromeo Quartet
Nicholas Kitchen, Kristopher Tong, violins
Mai Motobuchi, viola; Yeesun Kim, cello
“The Kitchen Studio,” Boston MA | 05.21.2021

Mozart: Adagio F-Sharp Major, K. 404a
Bach, arr. Mozart: Fugue in F-Sharp Major fr. Book II of the Well-Tempered Clavier, BWV 882
Heifetz Ensemble in Residence:
Yezu Woo, violin; Matt Cohen, viola; Noémie Raymond-Friset, cello
Great Hall, Blackburn Inn & Conference Center, Staunton, VA | 02.28.2021

Haydn, recreated by Suggs: Contrabass Concerto in D Major
I. Allegro

Samuel Suggs, doublebass; Jessica Osborne, piano
First Presbyterian Church, Staunton, VA | 08.02.2021

Mozart, arr. Mamiko Kobayakawa: Sinfonia Concertante in E-flat, K. 364
II. Andante
Shmuel Ashkenasi, violin solo; Kunbo Xu, viola solo
Rachell Wong, Strauss Shi, violins
Andrew Gonzalez, viola; Coleman Itzkoff, cello
Francis Auditorium, Mary Baldwin University, Staunton, VA | 07.10.2016

Haydn: Cello Concerto in C Major
III. Allegro Molto
Amit Peled, cello solo
Dmitry Volkov, Antoinette Gan, Andrea Cassarubios, Tony Rymer, Yunjin Ro, Colin Stokes, cellos
Anderson Hall, Brewster Academy, Wolfeboro, NH | 07.02.2009

Ralph Vaughan Williams, arr. Marin Gerigk: The Lark Ascending
Eric Silberger, violin solo
Von Quartet: Jisun Lee, Guðbjartur Hákonarson, violins; Ursula Steele, viola; Joanne Yesol Choi, cello
Matt Sorrentino, bass
Francis Auditorium, Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, VA | 07.24.2016

Go Deeper

What is it about The Lark Ascending that makes it so perenially popular in Britain?  Violinist Jennifer Pike attempts to explain.

Follow along in the score to bassist / composer Samuel Suggs‘ inventive re-creation of the lost Haydn Contrabass Concerto in D major.

Speaking of inventive re-arrangements, we have a whole playlist of Borromeo Quartet leader and Heifetz Artistic Director Nicholas Kitchen‘s reworking of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier for string quartet

Video Playlist