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Happy 75th, Daniel Heifetz!

Everybody has more charisma than they use. We start as an open-minded young child, but as we grow up, the walls go up. Our religious stuff, our dysfunctional families, the peer pressure, the societal pressure — it gets in the way. If you break down those walls, who knows what might come out?

-Daniel Heifetz

Today we salute the 75th birthday of the Institute’s Founder, Daniel HeifetzRead about his remarkable life and career, and the journey that led him to create the unique approach of the Heifetz Institute in this fascinating three-part interview on Violinist.com.

How true has the Heifetz Institute been to its slogan of “Communicate – Engage – Inspire?”  The proof is in the production, you might say!  We have a fascinating feature on the Heifetz Institute that ran on the public-television series Inside Maryland.  See for yourself the Institute in action from 1996 …and how closely the mission, vision, and activities align with the Heifetz Institute of today!

Check out Daniel’s inspiring Ted Talk, held at a TEDx Charlottesville event at the Paramount Theatre, witha cameo performance by Heifetz alums Madison Vest and Zachary Mowitz.

From the Institute’s first summer in Staunton, VA, check out this performance from the American Shakespeare Center of Daniel joining forces with the legendary cellist Lynn Harrell, violist Caterina Longhi (now with the Cincinnati Symphony), and faculty pianist Dina Vainshtein.