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A Dynamic Duo, On Stage and In the Studio!
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Composer Antonio Bazzini

The renowned Swedish-born cellist and pedagogue Frans Helmersson in action in a Heifetz cello studio.  Photo by Pat Jarrett.

Violinist Mihaela Martin. Her career includes major prizes at the Indianapolis, Tchaikovsky, Montreal, and Queen Elisabeth Violin Competitions.

Our #FacultyFriday series of videos is the time we set aside once a week to feature our world-renowned Heifetz Institute string and piano faculty.  Today’s “star turn” goes to the husband-and-wife duo of Frans Helmersson and Mihaela Martin, two of the most in-demand teachers of, and performers on, their respective instruments at the Heifetz Institute, and indeed the world.   

And there’s invariably an extra frisson of energy when they make their way to the Heifetz main stage.  “Picturesque music from Hungary we hope to bring close to your ears” is how Mihaela describes the final movement of Zoltán Kodály’s 1914 Duo for Violin and Cello, which they share at a 2019 Celebrity Series concert in Francis Auditorium.

We’re delighted that both Frans and Mihaela will be returning to teach  for #Heifetz2021.  To see the roster of faculty and application information, click here!


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