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A Four Seasons for All Time
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The more I learn about Baroque composers, the more I realize they are the original rock stars.  They were innovating all the time. and experimenting with so much – different sounds, different techniques.  They were also ornamenting and improvising onstage all the time – and that takes a lot of guts.  We are kind of doing that as well today,  So if you’re expecting to hear a traditional rendition of this piece that you can hear a 1,000 different recordings of on YouTube or whatever….today ain’t it. So enjoy the ride! – Rachell Ellen Wong

All 47 entries in our 2021 Festival of Concerts had memorable moments, but there was one that a patron of ours declared “is an entry in the Heifetz Hall of Fame:” The July day when Heifetz alum and Avery Fisher Career Grant winner Rachell Ellen Wong took the Heifetz stage by storm to lead a hand-built “Heifetz Baroque Band” through a sensational and utterly unique take on Vivaldi’s timeless Four Seasons.  Enjoy!

Click on any of the images to expand, or you can click here to download the complete digital concert program!