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The Heifetz 25-Year Advent Calendar

Day 17: 2005 - A Joyful Noise: Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 3

Welcome to December! For our final-month celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Heifetz Institute, we’ll be sharing audio, video, images, and programs from across the decades of the Institute. Check back each day from Dec. 1 – Dec. 25 as we share some memorable moments from each golden year of the Institute!

June 30, 2005: Wolfeboro, NH

Today’s musical snapshot comes from 2005, and features some of the mainstay faculty from the “Aughts” era of the Institute – instructors and mentors who were key figures in the development of the Institute into a world-class teaching organization.  Lined up around the stage of St. Cecilia’s Church – later to become Brewster Academy’s Anderson Hall – are violinists Dana Pomerants-Mazurkevich, the late Marylou Speaker Churchill, and Thomas Kornacker; 2005 student Emily Rideout, alongside faculty members Carol Rodland and Michelle LaCourse in the viola section; and up front is faculty cellist Uri Vardi, joined by 2005 cello students Brian Sanders and James Waldo. They’re joined together to kick off the summer with Bach’s brilliant Brandenburg Concerto No. 3!

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