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The Heifetz 25-Year Advent Calendar

Day 13: 2015 - A Prayer in the Temple House
Welcome to December! For our final-month celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Heifetz Institute, we’ll be sharing audio, video, images, and programs from across the decades of the Institute. Check back each day from Dec. 1 – Dec. 25 as we share some memorable moments from each golden year of the Institute!

Aug. 3, 2015: Staunton, VA

One of the prime reasons more and more people are flocking to the historic downtown of Staunton, Virginia is the range and variety of the city’s architecture – which also makes it a great place for presenting concerts in a variety of historic venues – all a short walk away from our Mary Baldwin University home.

It’s also staple of the summer for the Heifetz Institute to present free afternoon concerts in these distinctive spaces.  None more so than the Temple House of Israel,  a Moorish Revival synagogue designed by the renowned Staunton-based architect Sam Collins in 1925.

90 years on, our final free concert of the 2015 summer began, appropriately enough, with a heartfelt Kaddish – an ancient Jewish prayer of thanksgiving and praise –  from the pen of Maurice Ravel, and the hands of student Samuel Viguerie.

See more about the Temple House of Israel concerts and other 2015 events from our This Week At Heifetz video features.

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