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The Institute’s teaching philosophy is that artists express their individuality not only through technically and intellectually robust music making, but also through emotional and even physical engagement with the music they play.

See how the Heifetz Institute was the first major music program to innovate an entirely online experience for summer 2020.

The Institute

As a six-week summer program, the Institute is founded upon the revolutionary educational concept that young musicians can be taught to communicate the emotion of music, beyond mere technical agility and refined playing. With an intense focus on solo and chamber works, students receive two private lessons per week, chamber music coachings, and five hours per day of practice time, and are immersed in Performance & Communication Training, consisting of daily classes in Public Speaking, Voice, Drama, Movement, Health & Wellness, and Freedom of Expression. This innovative, comprehensive, and cross-disciplinary curriculum is designed to guide musicians to become more effective communicators and performers.

Postcards from Heifetz

Have a look and listen to the rhythms and crescendos of the Summer Institute through this weekly video series.

Unique for the 2020 Institute

heifetz students perform together virtually

Heifetz Rubato: The Virtual Concert Hall

Heifetz concerts are community events that bring music lovers together to form a dynamic connection between performers and audiences. Our 2020 Festival of Concerts featured 300+ newly produced performances, 49 daily broadcasts, and a total of 63 hours of remarkable performances which continued to connect students with our community of music lovers, supporters, and patrons both locally and worldwide.

heifetz student performs virtually for August Health patients

Music Heals: Community Service

To continue the longstanding tradition of community service during the summer program, the Heifetz Institute partnered with Augusta Health to offer one-on-one concerts via Zoom to their patient and resident populations who are isolated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The exchanges provided inspiration and a sense of community to those who in many cases have been isolated and lacking meaningful social interaction for weeks or even months.