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heifetz employment opportunities

Interested in becoming a Heifetz staff member? Browse our available positions for Summer 2023 below. Employment application form can be found at the bottom of this page.

For any questions contact Claudia Encinas at claudia@heifetzinstitute.org.

We offer competitive pay for all summer positions, including stipends for internships. Housing and dining hall meals are provided as part of the compensation package for all summer staff and interns. Our internships meet the requirements of most programs resulting in college credit. International students with or seeking CPT or OPT are encouraged to apply for both internships and contract jobs. Resident Assistants live in single rooms in the student halls they are leading; other employees are housed in a staff dormitory in single, air-conditioned rooms in a central, convenient location on the campus of Mary Baldwin University. Parking is abundant and free of charge.
Being a staff member during our summer program and Festival of Concerts is an all-in proposition. Plan to work long, often demanding hours, to enjoy extraordinary camaraderie with your fellow staff members, to revel in some of the best music making going on anywhere in the world, and to gain immense practical and artistic experience.

Important notes for potential summer staff:

  • There are limited opportunities for time off during the employment contract period. If you know you must be away from the Institute for any reason during the summer (for a wedding or family reunion, for example) please advise us during your interview so we can plan accordingly.
  • We perform background checks on all staff members.

Summer 2023 Staff Positions



Student Life Coordinator

The Student Life Coordinator is an individual who exhibits strong leadership capabilities, communication skills, and conflict management techniques. The Student Life Coordinator will oversee the Student Life Team and act as supervisor to all Resident Assistants, in addition to living on-campus in the 21+ dormitory and acting as the point of contact for students over the age of 21. The Student Life Coordinator will take charge of planning and implementing cultural, educational, and recreational activities for the Institute’s student body, with particular focus on students in the Junior Division.

More About Our Student Life Coordinator Position


IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Director of Programming & Operations

POSITION TYPE: In-Person, Full-Time Temporary

DATES OF EMPLOYMENT: 6/11/23 – 7/31/23

Staff Arrival Date: 6/11/23

Training: 6/12/23 – 6/14/23

Summer Festival: 6/15/22 –7/30/23

Staff Departure Date: 7/31/23

The Student Life Coordinator will work in the Institute’s administrative offices & teaching facilities and, as such, is expected to dress in appropriate attire. Ripped jeans, mini skirts, halter-tops, tank tops, shorts, and t-shirts with graphics are discouraged during business hours and concerts.

Requirements for the Student Life Coordinator position are as follows:

    • Must be at least 21 years of age
    • Undergraduate degree in education, student affairs, music performance or related field, preferred
    • Experience working in Student Life in a university of summer program setting, required
    • Experience with event management and basic accounting skills, required
    • Background in classical music, preferred
    • Experience with conflict resolution, preferred
    • Experience with Residence Life on-duty responsibilities, preferred
    • Responsive and attentive to communications during expanded business hours (8:00 – 22:00)
    • Ability to healthily cope with stressful and demanding situations
    • A commitment to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion as they relate to the Heifetz Institute and its community
    • Adheres to the Heifetz Institute policies and procedures in accordance with the mission and philosophy of the program

Responsibilities of the Student Life Coordinator are as follows:

    • Provide full logistical organization of student events
    • Student Life budget oversight
    • Oversee team of Resident Assistants
    • Manage duty rotation
    • Hold weekly Residence Hall meetings to convey important information
    • Help facilitate weekly or bi-weekly recreational student activities
    • Holding residents accountable for their behavior
    • Educating residents on the policies and procedures of the Institute
    • Role modeling positive attitudes and behaviors
    • Helping to facilitate an environment that allows students to meet their goals
    • Mediating disputes and thereby providing opportunities to for residents to look at the world from different perspectives
    • Serving as a resource and liaison for all studios, with particular focus to students in the 21+ dormitory
    • Providing helping skills for residents in need
    • Supporting and enforcing the policies and procedures of the Faculty and Administration
    • Keeping track of resident occupancy
    • Responding to all requests and emergencies during duty hours
    • Documenting policy violations
    • Reporting maintenance, health, safety, and facility concerns
    • Other duties as assigned


Compensation is $3,000 for the contracted period. Housing and meals will be provided for the duration of the contract. Employment is contingent upon the signing of a contract by the Student Life Coordinator and the Heifetz Institute, as well as passing a background check. The Student Life Coordinator will be responsible for their own transportation costs to and from the Institute.

Ready to Apply?

Fill out our simple application form and submit your resume and cover letter. You can address cover letters to Director of Programming & Operations, Claudia Encinas. Should you have any questions about the employment application process, feel free to call our office 540-907-4446.

Volunteer Opportunities

Would you like to step out of the audience and step into a supporting role behind the scenes? Volunteers are needed primarily during June, July, and August, but we also use some round-the-year help in our downtown Staunton, VA gift shop and our Heifetz On Tour activities. Our volunteers provide a variety of services, ranging from ushering at concerts to transporting our faculty and guest artists to and from regional airports during the six-week summer Festival of Concerts. If you’d like to contribute your time and talents to the Institute, let’s talk! Please email claudia@heifetzinstitute.org, or call our office at 540.907.4446.